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SEO/SMM for RevOps company

Customer is a US based RevOps agency with expertise in working with SaaS, Retail and Agritech companies.

Cutting edge SEO/SMM using content, organic and paid strategies

Continuous iterations to fine-tune tactics on a weekly basis

Significant improvement in Rankings for keywords.

Expansion of the overall engagement across multiple functions (e.g. Sales, Marketing operations)


Revenue Operations, Agritech, Retail

Tech Stack

Google analytics, Semrush, Custom built website tracker tools, Python, AWS, Salesforce, Hubspot

Team size



  • Customer is building a brand in a competitive space
  • Building presence in RevOps niches using content as a differentiator
  • Using a judicious mix of organic and paid channels for building an online presence and for lead conversion
  • Solution

    We worked closely with customer to craft a comprehensive organic campaign. This included a deep research to understand which keywords we can compete on for the domain and services being offered. Publishing regular content with occasional paid marketing campaigns to complement the content were undertaken. The campaign was continuously fine-tuned on a weekly basis driven by the results from the different campaigns.


    Ranked in page 1 for 15+ keywords in 4 months based on target content specific SEO; We also used LinkedIn campaign to drive leads based on ICPs and target companies which was very successful from a sales perspective.


    The engagement with the customer started off with a small project and has since then expanded across various facets of SEO/SMM - this has resulted in spin-off projects in other areas of Sales/Marketing operations across the customers’ client base.