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We partner with global SaaS startups and tech companies to enable rapid scaling through remote and highly skilled resources

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Our competence

50+ years of cumulative team experience working across multiple domains (Saas/AI/Consulting/Fintech) and sales/growth functions


Rapid iterations working closely with Onshore teams

Global experience

Trusted by global startups across Israel, Middle-East, US, APAC and Europe


Deep experience working with SaaS sales, growth and tech teams

Working model

Tailored engagement models to suit needs of teams in various growth stages
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Hyper-personalized messages to high-value prospects
Custom sequences
Custom and deeply researched list building
Learning from Best Practices
Value addition/ Flexible business model
LinkedIn limits management
How does it work

Hire an Appglide growth assistant

No more waiting for hires to close, no more outsourcing with no visibility


Appgliders have had strong startup/ SaaS exposure/ experience and go through a training in their core functional skill sets


Growth partner reports to you and works 1 on 1 with you on daily growth tasks. Appglide handles performance management, payroll & HR support.


Engage growth partners for part time, recurring blocks for tasks that need specialist skills (e.g sales dashboards) but are required only at some times (e.g one day per week).

Smarter, efficient alternative to SaaS growth agencies

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We work closely with our customers to ensure that their assigned growth partner align to the organisation culture & work ethos

  • Full transparency and being part of standups/ daily work updates
  • Keep external interactions/ valuable knowledge within organisation/ software
  • College graduates with knowledge of SaaS metrics, practices
  • Located in India (GMT 5:30 timezone), fluent in English

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Comfortable buds with better sound.

Comfortable buds with better sound.

Comfortable buds with better sound.

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We provide rapidly growing SaaS growth/sales teams with trained resources who can work as a remote extension of your team