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Sales and Marketing Ops for a Gen-AI video startup

Our customer is one of the world’s leading generative AI company, whose technology elevates video content for professionals in the fields of marketing, learning and development, and CX, as well as for content creators of all sorts. Their platform is accessible via a self-service studio, API, or plug-ins, transforming still photos into personalised streaming videos and providing a new interface for businesses to engage with customers.

Process, metrics, reporting and dashboard implementation and standardization across Sales cycle

Automation, workflows and enhancements to Salesforce for better control and measurement

Closely work with on-shore teams (marketing, sales, finance) on key KPIs and reporting


Gen-AI / Video

Tech Stack/Tools

Salesforce, Hubspot, Python, ZoomInfo, Outreach, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Zoom

Team size



Our customer was going through a phase of rapid growth across multiple geographies. They were receiving a deluge of leads from both inbound and outbound channels. This was overwhelming for the sales and marketing, that was scaling and building processes at the same time. 


We worked with the sales leadership team to create processes for integration for sales and marketing stacks. We fine-tuned the existing process and took ownership of maintaining the sales operations tasks, so that the sales teams can focus on deal closures instead of tools/ processes.


We were able to streamline the processes within 3 months, enabling the leadership team to focus on closing deals and creating new opportunities. We are also enabling automations that drastically reduce the time the sales team spent on working with sales tools.


Sales and marketing operations are key for any organisation to build a robust and predictable business engine. However, they can also slow down teams and drain them of creative energies by sucking them into routine processes. Applide can help startups using our expertise to free up sales and marketing teams helping them unleash their true potential.